Phoenix Club of Anaheim Jungschützen

Youth Shooting Sports Team

Anaheim Junior Air Rifle

The Jungschützen or youth shooting sports team of the Phoenix Club of Anaheim is open to youth club members ages approx 8 (depending on height and ability) to 20. We generally have 19 meetings from November through mid September each 2nd and 4th Sunday from 2 pm to 5 pm at the indoor air rifle and air pistol shooting range at the club. The program has a hiatus from mid September through October for Oktoberfest.

The youth shooting sports program is monitored by certified instructors and coaches where we focus on gun and range safety, technical shooting sports skills, and sports discipline. There are a number of award and recognition programs the youth can participate in to measure progress including:

  • Marksmanship Qualification Program for International Air Rifle, Air Pistol and International AIr Pistol.
  • Phoenix Schützen club awards and pins
  • The "King" shoot annual match in May
  • A progressive "Zielschuss" program
  • A monthly "Meisterschaft" program
  • An end of the season team match in September
  • Postal and Facebook matches with teams across the USA and in other countries

Participants may use the club provided rifles and pistols which are high quality competition target rifles from Feinwerkbau, Aushutz, Daisy Avanti, and Crossman. You may also provide your own rifle or pistol only in .177 caliber lead or synthetic pellets (no BB-guns) with velocity less than 600 FPS. Competition guns typically fire in the 450-600 FPS range.

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