Youth Uniforms

Our uniform for the youth team is optional, but it provides a place to put their award patches on the backs and their club pins and medals on the fronts. The uniform is

  • A Hunter Green vest (links provided above) $20
  • Phoenix Schutzen logo patch for the vest $6 (available from the group)
  • Phoenix Schutzen logo ball cap (available from the group) ($10)
  • A white collared shirt (short sleeve is ok)
  • Black trousers
  • Black shoes (black sneakers ok)

Note on uniform vests. The sizes seem to run small. We found a Kids Large works for 8-9 year old, while our 15 year olds wear an adult medium.

We have a small inventory in stock for a flat $20 each or you can order direct.


Adult Uniforms

The uniform model numbers provided are available from the German web site Deitert.


  • Hat order number 61004 with druckknopf (snapbutton)
  • Spielhahn (game cock) feather or saubart (sow beard) hat decor recommended 27001, 270012 or 27065
  • Jacket order number 64120 (Schuetzengrun)
  • Tie order number 60210/215 (Schuetzengrun)
  • Optional: Shirt 62111 or similar with or without embroidered collar, short or long sleeve. A local ly sourced white shirt works as well.

Logo Casual Wear

We have some covers for the stick pin ends for the club award pins, but if we need more they're easy to make.

Phoenix Club Schützen Gruppe logo embroidered Port Authority polo shirts available in the club house Wednesday nights.

Larger sizes XL, 2XL, Tall, and womens versions available in small quantities special order from a shop in Santa Ana.

  • Men's shirts, stain resistant with no pockets model K510 or Ladies L510
  • Tall with pocket TLK500P

We have artwork on file with Fresh Ink Printing - 605 E ALTON AVE UNIT F, SANTA ANA 92705 (949)478-4129

Non-uniform ball caps:

  • Hunter Port Authority C866 Mesh Inset Cap - Hunter
  • Port Authority C820 Embroidered Camouflage Cap - Realtree Xtra/Seamoss/Pheasant, Duck, Deer